#1 Request wholesale inquiry

We'll sent you the wholesale terms after we received your email.

*Minimum order is $2,000
● First order
● Reorder

#2 Fill out the wholesale account form

If your agree to our wholesale terms, we'll sent you a wholesale account form. Please fill out the form and then send it back to us as an excel file or google spreadsheet. NO PDF, NUMBERS OR PLAIN TEXT ON THE EMAIL

#3 We will process your orders

● The Aroid Greenhouses representative will confirm the data provided in the email and clarify any questions you have.

● Before your order is shipped out or picked up, you will recieve an invoice with your items that you will recieve.

#4 Make the payment

● If you are an "Out of State Order", you can pay through your phone with credit or debit card.

● If you are a "Local Pickup Order", you can pay with card or cash. Please ask for any other payment methods

#5 Shipping

You can choose "Out of State Order" or "Local Pickup Order"

● "Out of State Order" ; The reciever must contact the trucking company to schedule a pickup date. We will provide the amount of boxes after the order is made. This doesn't apply to Peninsula Trucking, C&S logistics, Lighting Express, Florida LTL and JT Carriers.

● "Local Pickup Order" ; Please request the address before you come pickup.