Plant Care

Can plants get too much light?
  - Yes, it is possible for plants to receive too much direct sunlight.
  - If you start to notice dry, brown patches or small holes in the leaf foliage of your plant, this could be a sunburn and you should move your plant away from the harsh direct rays.


Do I need to rotate my plant?
  - Most plants grow toward a source of light, so turn your plants once in awhile when you start to see it lean toward to light source.


How often should I water my plant?
  - Check your plants every 3-5 days.
  - Start by sticking your finger into the top inch of your potted plant closest to the edge. Don’t get too close to the stem, you don’t want to disturb the roots. If the soil is completely dry, it is time to water.
  - When in doubt, don’t water. It’s easier to revive a thirsty plant than one that is overwatered.


How much water should I use?
  - Different plant types require different quantities of water. A good general rule of thumb: do not dump an entire water container in your plant at once–pour a little, watch it absorb, pour a little more, watch it absorb, repeat this slowly, until water is draining from the pot’s drain hole (always empty drained water from planter tray).


Should I leave water in the planter tray/saucer?
  - No. Water left in the tray/saucer is cause for root rot.


Should I mist my plant?
  - Misting keeps your plant clean, which decreases risk of insects/pests. And if you mist regularly and frequently, we believe this helps in relieving some dryness in the air.


What size pot should I buy for my plant?
 - Here is a helpful chart for when it’s time to upsize. 

2.5” plastic pot 4” planter
4” plastic pot 5/6” planter
6” plastic pot 8” planter
8” plastic pot 12” planter
12” plastic pot 17” planter
17” plastic pot 21” planter



Why are the stems close to the soil shriveling up and turning black?

  - The stems are rotting due to root rot. The soil is too moist, commonly due to overwatering.
  - Skip a watering and give the plant lots of sun and heat.
  - But give it some time, even if a stalk is fully rotted you can cut it off giving a fighting chance for the remaining part of the plant to keep growing.


Why are the leaf tips turning brown?
  - Depending on the plant specie and home environment, brown leaf tips can mean different things.
  - A common diagnosis is that your plant is to dry and/or receiving too much direct sunlight. Glass windows magnify sun and can often be too harsh for soft foliage, and leaves get sunburned. Ferns, palms, bird of paradise and others have sensitive foliage.
  - An easy solution is to move your plant so it’s foliage does not lay directly on, or too close to the window. Or pull a shade for a few days during the week to give the foliage a break from the harsh UV rays.
  - Another condition may be that the air is too dry.