- While checking out, you will have a chance to review your information before submitting your order. If you need to select a different shipping address, click the Change link next to the Shipping address section on your Review and submit your order page.

- If you need to correct something to your information. Please email info@aroidgreenhouses.com

- We are sorry but we cannot combine your one order with another or add to your order once you’ve checked out.

- If you forgot to add a heat pack to your order please go to our product page. You will be able to purchase on there and select ‘Local-pick up’ at check out.



- We allow cancellation up to 6hrs after purchase. We prepare your orders on the weekends for shipment on Monday and Friday. It is important we are informed before we ship out. Once the packaged has been sent out we cannot cancel.



- Plants are shipped Monday and Friday to only the lower 48 states. 

- Do not worry if your plant comes with a yellowing leaf. This tends to happen during shipping. Sometimes plants will sacrifice a leaf when they are in shipment to give nutrients to the rest of the plant. Each plant that leaves our greenhouse has its roots inspected to make sure its strong enough to arrive to its new home. Do not worry your plant is strong and will continue to provide new leaves under the proper care.

- We do our very best to make sure that you receive your plant the same way it leaves our greenhouse but sometime/rarely leaves will arrive with a tear or a bend. This is nothing to worry about. If there was no damage to any growth point everything will be fine. We must understand that these are live plants and when taken care of properly after arrival will continue to give you more and more beautiful leaves.

- Before shipping out we inspect the plant and check the roots to make sure they are healthy. It is important when the plant is received that you do not over water as this can cause root rot. We are not responsible down the line if this happened in your position.

- We love our plants and when we ship them to you, we send it with love. Once it is out of our hands it is very difficult to control the outcome. Our shop uses UPS and USPS, so please keep in mind the weather conditions in your area especially this winter season. When requested we use a heat pack that is safely secured in the box. We will not be held responsible if your package arrives delayed or damaged from UPS or USPS.

- We ship our products to all the United States (except for Hawaii and Puerto Rico, Alaska due to strict agricultural regulations). 


Damage from UPS & USPS

- If your plant is damaged from UPS or USPS shipping contact UPS or USPS right away. You will receive a refund from them if the UPS or USPS claim is accepted. Contact us asap with in the first 24 hours of delivery, and a photo of proof.

- We are not responsible if your package gets stolen. Once the package says delivered on your tracking, it is out of our hands. We do this to prevent being scammed.



- If there is a problem with your plant please contact us as soon as possible at info@aroidgreenhouses.com. We will need proof of photo (close, full length of each individual plant and group photo) within 24hrs of delivery. All sales are final.

- Shipping costs are typically non-refundable.


Heat Pack Policy

- Exchanges are taken by a plant-to-plant basis this excludes situations that are beyond our control, such as cold damage (by not including 72-hour heat packs in the order or by including and selecting a shipping method longer than its effective time), natural disasters, etc.
Contact us as soon as possible through email within the first 24 hours of delivery, and proof photo. Please use email to contact and not through Instagram. We get flooded with many direct messages through Instagram and do not want your messages to get looked over.
- We ask for our customers living in colder parts of the country to check their temperatures before placing an order. Heat packs only work in temperatures over 30 degrees Fahrenheit. When it goes below 30 degrees our very tropical plants that are used to temperatures in the 70s- 80s will be vulnerable to cold damage. Please keep in mind, that heat packs must still be ordered if temperature in your area drops below 50 degrees.