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Anthurium 'Michelle' x Anthurium 'Michelle' #4

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- Check out → Shipping schedule

- Please review our shop policy

- Plant pictured is the plant that you will receive

- Plant is in a 5" pot

- Plants are shipped on Monday, in the original plastic pot, rooted

- Though these plants are grown in our greenhouses, we recommend keeping it out of direct light for a few days to minimize the shock of travel

- Shipment ( Please refer to our Shipping policy Click here )
We ship our products to all of the United States (except for Hawaii and Puerto Rico, Alaska due to strict agricultural regulations). 

- Policy ( Please refer to our Policy Click here )
We pack each plant very carefully and take our time making sure each plant arrives safely. Please make sure you open your box carefully as opening it too quickly you may damage leaves in the process.

There is a possibility that your plant may experience shipping stress which includes yellowing, wilting or loss of leaves. Don’t worry the plant is rooted and will recover with time and tlc.

Please do not remove the newly arrived plant from the pot and as this can cause extra stress to the plant. If removed you will not be reimbursed. The plant will just need time to acclimate.

If the plant for any reason is returned it will need to be returned in the same condition as it was received. If the plant is damaged due to poor packaging you will not be reimbursed.